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Time. Money. Injuries.

In a state of emergency, quick and intelligent decision making can save lives, save people from injuries, save from excessive material damages to your property and save money when every second spent looking for a solution counts.

It was our idea at Prevention 911 that combining modern technological tools and a robust «user friendly» platform would be crucial to smart and quick decision making in urgent and/or critical situations.

Our eFIT solution leads to an immediate impact on the efficiency of interventions, a better management of key knowledge and knowledge transfer from an employee to another. Furthermore, it is a platform that evolves and adapts to your needs...

Welcome to a better prevention and a safer option.

Here's a quick overview of our platform
Phase 1 - Preliminary Analysis
  • Analysis of technical tools
  • Analysis of knowledge transfer
  • Analysis of emergency measures management
  • Training Analysis
Phase 2 - Options Analysis
Based on the results of the preliminary analysis and in cooperation with management, we will establish a five-year plan and define the management priorities for the first year.

Phase 3 - Implementation Plan
Accompanying management in the implementation of their management priorities.

Phase 4 - Continuity Plan
Obtain eFIT accreditation
Manage and support the platform
Add new features to the document

About eFIT Certification

The certification program offers you a clear action plan and a support plan consisting of effective tools and project structure.

We care about the success of our business relationship.

This allows us to accompany you in carrying out your management priorities and custom fit our solutions to your needs.

Availability of the platform
Improves smart decisions by
Productivity gain

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